Thursday, September 3, 2009

The deliverys arrive.. for the system pictures of some of the bits.

Three Solara SM7002-1 brander 175Wp Solar Pannels from Germany (Made in Japan) Ex display bought at a very resonable price. Three un-brander but appear to be much higher Quality 180W Solar Pannels from China bought at an even more resonable price.!! In fact Im much more impresed with the Pannels from China the power tails have double O ring seals, the general finish of the panel looks very much better. I guess only when running the system will I see if there is any real diffrence in functionality tho.

Two Soladin 600 inverters.

A couple of pictures of the Soladin 600 with the cover off.

A another little closer...

Next Jobs designing and building the Suport frame work for the two Solar arrays. Analizing the open Soladin 600 to figure out how to make the RS232 cables for linking to the computer for System monitoring as £49 for a serial lead is just a little too much to pay.

Ooops yes I have taken over Midges Lounge now !!!!

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  1. update my impresion of Quality has now been confirmed some two years after this post the Panels from China start generating power 10 mins earlier and continue for 10 mins longer, the inverter for the China cells is often flashing at twice the speed of the inverter with the Japanese cells on. once I install the data logging SW and serial interfaces I will be more specific on how much better they are.